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Shefer Nurseries Ltd.
12 Michael Street, Kfar Bialik
POB 288 Kiryat Bialik 27905
Fax:+972-4-8720652 ISRAEL
Company Profile

SHEFER NURSERIES are  proud to present this catalog . In 1986, the Shefer family built  the first greenhouses for the nurseries – utilizing experience and know – how acquired through four generations of farming.

Encouraged by their grandmother ‘Shifra‘ the fourth generation of Shefer farmers (Yossi, Asaf and Boaz and their wives) turned the well established farm into a center for house and garden plant cultivation.

Today, SHEFER NURSERIES, located in Kiryat Bialik, a suburb of Haifa, is dedicated to producing a wide variety of high quality, green and flowerwing plants for house and garden.

Plants are grown using hi-tech equipment in specialized technological greenhouse  structures. Sophisticated bio-agricultural methods are used to optimize growth.

All products conform  to strict European standards. In Israel, the company distributes its produce through a very fast and reliable network of dealers/stores  that encompasses the entire country – from Katzerin and Kiryat Shmona on Israel‘s Northern border right down to Eilat, the country‘s most Southern city.

The Shefers‘ commitment to quality and professional service has paid off.

Today, the nurseries are expanding their market through both new clients and increased sales to existing clients. To meet the increased demand, the nursery has grown and now covers more than 100,000 square meters of greenhouse and net covered enclosures.

The Shefers continue to faithfully serve their client base while constantly improving and innovating their methods of growing house and garden plants in order to satisfy their market needs.






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